NU3VO is a Latin Hip Hop group out of Central Florida and the originators of the new sound they have dubbed TRAPICAL.  This unique blend of Trap, Tropical, and old school Hip Hop has been trailblazing the Southeast since 2019 when the trio of SIR ILL, MANIATICO, and FAME leaped on the scene and began their takeover.  City after city, show after show, breakthrough after breakthrough, NU3VO has amassed an ever-growing fanbase drawing comparisons to some of their influences like A Tribe Called Quest, Cypress Hill, 3 Coronas, and Tego Calderon. 



Born in Queens, New York to Puerto Rican parents, Jason Torres has been to Hell and back and his style reflects just that.  Since the tender age of 15 he was basically on his own after losing his father, then 36, to a tragic truck driving accident.  Now a resident of Orlando, Florida, Jason would lead a downward spiral life full of vices.  Until one day, when he would meet his future wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, his life turned around and SIR ILL was born.  He took his pain and suffering, mixed it with his newfound blessings, and found his voice as the group's street poet, crooning and spitting his prophetic messages.


Repping Nicaragua, Luisito Estrada, the Miami-born Reggaeton rapper has music flowing through his veins.  From his father blaring eclectic music styles to drown out the violence on the other side of their four walls, to designing his own clothes as an adolescent, this Niko was bred for superstardom.  Earlier in his career he would tear up the Florida coastline with his former group LOS DEMENTES as they left defining marks in local festivals like Calle Orange and Calle Ocho. However, that group proved to be too small for this firespitter as he is now prime to put Nicaragua on the map, especially after the recent tragic uprising that received little to no media coverage.  He plans to put it on his back and spread their culture to the world.  



Another Boricua representative, Luis Rivera was born in Chicago, but raised in the violent Humboldt Park.  He started writing lyrics at the age of 14 as a means of escaping the streets.  But he quickly started to absorb that reality and mix it with a dose of old school flavor when gangs used to battle on the dance floor.  If he can influence the next generation to pick up a mic instead of a gun, then his vision would be fulfilled.

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